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◼ The course is designed for graphic designers or people who are learning graphic designing. (Basic - Intermediate - Advance) So here's the question, what exactly we are going to learn? As I mentioned in the intro we are going to cover all about brand identity, including: ☑️ Concepts of brand identity ☑️ Designing practices ☑️ Working on logos, stationery, flyers and much more. ◼ Minimum Requirements: Basics of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Illustrator tools, and basic or even zero knowledge of Adobe Photoshop ✔️ ◼ Don't: - Get this course if you are not a graphic designer. - Enroll in this course if you have never used Adobe Illustrator before, however, zero knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is totally okay. - Buy this course if you just only want to design logos. ◼ Your Expectations: This will be a very detailed journey into brand identity, so let me tell you that you will be exposed to many new lessons and things. Plus new practices and practical work will help you be more focused on this course. So sit, relax, and... Without any further ado, let's get started 🚀

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  • Knowing the Brand identity and Its Importance 9min 10sec
  • Designing a Logo for Brand Identity 29min 38sec
  • Designing Stationery Design for Brand Identity 18min 31sec
  • Flyer Design for Brand Identity 15min 42sec
  • Importance of Mockups in Brand Identity 24min 23sec
  • Making Realistic Image into our Branding 12min 40sec
  • Building and Presenting the Brand identity 26min 56sec

This section includes the final session and extras.

  • GupShup and Assignments 12min 44sec
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Danish Nawaz (DN)

Airschool | Graphic Designer

Brand identity artist, and Graphic designer


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This course is specially designed for beginners and intermediate designers. However, experienced designers can also learn new strategies here.

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15+ enrolled on this course